“By combining a world class Beatboxer with high energy vocalists, Blacklight is one of the most entertaining a cappella groups out there”
— Andrew JoHn Kim, creator & former member of Backtrack, creator & member of Iris
“Blacklight is a power-house a cappella group with great energy. They put on a fun-filled, musically engaging show from beginning to end. On a personal level, they are all awesome people to work with! I highly recommend hiring them for your next show!”
— Ana Morel - Choral Director at Wakefield High School
“Blacklight is such a fun, high energy group and there’s never a dull moment when they’re performing!!”
— Fiona Bautista, Salem High School 2021, member of WitchPitch? A Cappella
“I love Blacklight! This group of incredibly dynamic and super talented performers brings so much excitement to any room. I highly recommend Blacklight and if you haven’t seen them in action, you don’t know what you’re missing. “
— Heather Ferrari, Founder of Songful Voices
“Blacklight is undoubtedly my favorite a cappella group I’ve seen live. Their modern, high energy twist on a cappella is truly ahead of its time. “
— Alex Papantonis. Boston Beatbox leader, MD of BU Allegrettos
“Blacklight always brings the energy and is always keeping the crowd a part of the performance!”
— Miles Payson, Salem High School 2021, WitchPitch? A Cappella Member