The Open 2019

Another Aca Open Competition has been completed!

And this one was a BIG ONE! Not only because of how we did, but also because of the other groups involved! But first…

Drumroll please…………………………… BL won 3rd place!

We are so excited, proud, and honored to have won 3rd place! It was some STIFF competition, but we worked incredibly hard over the summer to make sure we put on a good show. So happy to say it paid off!

BUT… as we said above… the most excited part of this years competition was all of the other groups! The whole competition was just a Blacklight family reunion! Let’s break it down…



Diana is a member, Tyler a former member


Craig is a member of this beatbox tag team along with BL friend & Ember Vocals member Michael Wingate


Anna is the director and arranger of this INSANELY talented high school group from Salem MA


Another beatbox tag team of Beatbox House members Chris Celiz and Gene Shinozaki, and very good friends of BL <3


No relation… but they were FAB!

Guys… this competition was just a love fest. The support the groups had for one another was truly amazing. We were BLOWN AWAY by all of the talent on that stage.

It is also so incredibly exciting to see not one, but two beatbox tag teams competing in an a cappella competition. As you know, Blacklight is very beatbox focused. We really lean into beatbox sounds, and are quite loud in the whole beatbox vs. vocal percussion debate. We are very active, as competitors and spectators, in the beatbox scene. We attend and perform at beatbox competitions, and are friends with many in the beatbox community.

Speaking as Anna and not Blacklight for a moment, I can attest to the love and support the beatbox community holds for one another, and for people like me who don’t beatbox, but still love the art form. For a community based so heavily in competition, they are so open, welcoming, and supportive of each other. When a new sound is learned, they share it. They spread the wealth. They are constantly trying to move the art form forward, and make sure they take the whole community with them.

So it is incredibly upsetting to me to witness the great divide between the beatbox and a cappella communities...Especially when I hear from the beatboxers that they aren’t supported, are bored, or are just not utilized when they try their hand at a cappella.

So seeing two tag teams at an a cappella competition was so incredibly moving and exciting for me and Blacklight as well. Especially since one of them won!!!!!!! This competition was truly a huge moment for the beatboxers and a cappella kids everywhere.

And now for the full results…




Sound Off





Best VP

Gene Shinozaki

Best Soloist

Omar Hernandez from WitchPitch (for rapping!)

(also a woman from Martini Glass, but Anna is horrible and forgets her name…)

AND Sound Off won the wildcard so will be joining Spiderhorse at Carnegie Hall this weekend for the finals!