In the spirit of the holiday season and the new year, BL wanted to take some time to say THANK YOUUU to everyone that made our success in 2018 possible. So here we go!

  1. Ellie Brigida and Alisha Faye.

    THANK YOU to these lovely ladies for being our alto and soprano subs respectively. These wonderful women learned all of the music in a very short amount of time, gave each performance their all, and fit in to BL seamlessly. They are pretty much just part of the normal group, so you’ll definitely be seeing them again!

  2. Andrew John Kim

    THANK YOU Andrew for getting us so many awesome gigs, and being a great mentor and friend as well! As our manager, he has given us SO many opportunities and so much advice… we wouldn’t have had such a spectacular end of 2018 without him!

  3. Brothers Taverna and Manny Cruz

    THANK YOU MANNY AND BROTHERS! Manny got us our first real gig. He literally GAVE us his restaurant to have a show in for free, gave us a % of bar sales, and still invited us BACK a couple months later! Manny and everyone working at Brothers have been a source of constant support, and we are so incredibly grateful to have them as friends.

  4. Heather Ferrari and Songful Artists

    THANK YOU Heather! Heather is ALSO someone that has gotten us gigs, and shown so much support, we can’t thank we enough! She has built such a wonderful business in Songful Artists, and we are so happy to be able to occasional work alongside you!

  5. DjHerShe

    THANK YOU HERSHE! Last, but MOST CERTAINLY not least…. our girl DjHerShe. The TALENT in this one is ASTOUNDING! Thank you for djing all of BL’s shows, and being such a wonderful support! You’ll be hearing from us soon….

With individual thank yous done, THANK YOU TO YOU! Thank you for supporting us, listening to us, watching us, and tagging us. Thank you for reading this, because even just by reading this little blog post, you are supporting 6 new artists trying to make it in the music world.